Restorative Justice

  • To build new power, we must break down the old. Cishet white dudes have amassed unconscionable wealth, privilege, and power over generations of colonization, white supremacy, and patriarchy – they’ve had their turn, and to be honest, they've done a pretty mediocre job. We need them to step aside so that folks without these advantages have a fair chance at getting ahead, so we're asking – no, telling – them to get out of the way.

  • We organize white dudes to talk to other white dudes about why it’s important for them not to run for office. The work of restorative justice should not fall onto the shoulders of those most impacted, but should be done peer-to-peer, white dude-to-white dude.

  • We are laser-focused on increasing representation in public office by telling white guys to get out of the way. When this happens, they leave space for something better. The political revolution does not mean upholding the status quo of electing cishet white men to public office. Ever.

  • Representation in our public offices matters. It’s not the only way to create lasting change in our communities and political systems, but it is the only one our PAC is focused on. We're sure there's another PAC focused on your niche issue. If not, maybe you should start one (like we did)!